Report Fraud... It Matters.

Section 1:  About the family receiving housing assistance

1a.  * The Last Name of the Head of Household?

1b.  Their Gender?

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HACA's Jurisdiction ONLY!  The city of Oakland and Alameda have their own fraud unit, please contact them in the event fraud is discovered in their cities.

For City of Oakland, click HERE.   For Alameda City, click HERE:

If you suspect someone of defrauding the Housing Authority, please complete as much of this form as you can. Don't
if you don't know the answers to some of the questions. All the information you provide will be strictly confidential
and although you don't have to give us your name and address you can if you wish. Please make sure that you are not
being watched while you are filling in this form to keep the information you give as confidential as possible.

If you would prefer to report suspected benefit thief by phone, please call Roger Escobar, in the Housing Authority's Program Integrity Department at (510)727-8578 during normal business hours.

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1c.  The First Name of Head of Household?

1d.  The Family's Address?

Section 2:  Who Do You Suspect of Fraud?

2a.  What type of fraud to you think is being committed?

Provide a brief summary of the fraud that you believe is being committed. Be as brief as possible.

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