In order to be eligible for the Section 8 Program, a family's annual income must be at or below the following HUD-specified Section 8 income limits. (See exceptions immediately below table.)

Income Limits Effective 4/14/2017
Family Size
Section 8
Public Housing
 1  $36,550  $56,300
 2  $41,750  $64,350
 3  $46,950  $72,400
 4  $52,150  $80,400
 5  $56,350  $86,850
 6  $60,500  $93,300
 7  $64,700  $99,700
 8  $68,850  $106,150


Exceptions: If, at the time that a family would be issued a Section 8 voucher by HACA, it meets either of the following two criteria, the Public Housing Income Limits apply (not the Section 8 income limits):

  • The family is already a participant in the Section 8 Program; or
  • The family qualifies for voucher assistance as a non-purchasing household living in HOPE 1 (public housing home-ownership), HOPE 2 (multifamily housing home-ownership) developments, or other HUD-assisted multifamily home-ownership programs.

As an example of the above, a family of 5 that is already a Public Housing tenant and has income at or below $81,200, would be income eligible for the Section 8 program.

If the family is displaced as a result of the prepayment of a mortgage or voluntary termination of a mortgage insurance contract on eligible low-income housing, an even higher income limit applies.  Contact HACA for more information.