IMPORTANT Information about our Direct Deposit service...

HACA is in the process of a major housing software upgrade, not just our accounting systems.  HACA plans to implement the direct deposit feature for landlord Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) in conjunction with the new housing software.  As such, the direct deposit feature will be postponed a while longer.

We sincerely apologize for the delay and we will keep you updated as the project moves forward. 

We ask you to please be patient.  Thirty (30) days prior, HACA will send out a notification of the actual date of when we will start direct deposit of HAP payments. 

Benefits of direct deposit include:

  1. No more lost paper checks, saving time and money;
  2. No more waiting for the mail carrier - checks are electronically deposited into your account on time;
  3. Transactions are automatic and confidential, reducing the risk of someone to obtain your personal information;
  4. It’s environmentally friendly and saves trees;
  5. Access to detailed monthly statements with payment details through a secure website (more details to follow);  and
  6. It’s free!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of HACA’s Housing Choice Voucher Program.  We look forward providing this enhanced service to our partners.